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Monday, July 30, 2012

Does Standing Burn More Calories Than Sitting

In case you wondered, does standing burn more calories than sitting, the answer is yes!

The rate that we burn calories depends on our weight and muscle composition, so usually males who have more muscle than females, burn more calories doing the same activity. But, as an average, a woman of 180 pounds will burn 86 calories sitting, but 97 calories standing per hour. So, just by standing up and doing your 8-hour work day activities you will burn extra 88 calories, and taking an average 22-work day per month, you will burn almost 2000 extra calories, or almost a pound of weight just by standing up. And if you do your work standing for a year, you will lose almost twelve pounds of weight.

Everyone knows a person who is a pacer and a fidgeter. And we know that these people are usually skinny. Not surprisingly! Every little bit counts when it comes to weight loss and maintenance.

Naturally, you would not just stand in place if you do your work standing. You would want to enhance the fat burning process and improve circulation by doing these easy tricks:

  • Stand on one leg while keeping the other leg bent and suspended in space, then change legs
  • Stand on your toes; lift your body up and down by standing up on your toes
  • Shuffle in place as if you are dancing
  • Do squats or half-squats
Many activities that we usually do sitting can be done by standing. If you open your mail or pay your bills at the dining table, do that at the kitchen counter. Because kitchen counter is taller than the table you would have to stand. Plus, all the extra movements of your hands, reaching for the items, turning, and walking, all add up to calorie burn.

We do sit too much. We sit in the cars, we sit at work all day, we sit on the couch watching TV, we sit by the computer reading emails. If you try to be creative and do these activities standing, you would not only lose some good pounds, but also build muscle, improve your circulation, and sneak in exercise into your busy day.

I use a stand-up desk for my laptop (this is where this article was written)

 This workstation is very comfortable. It has wheels, so I can roll it around, and the height of the base is adjustable. I found it to be comfortable when the laptop is about at where my belly is, so that my arms do not get tired with no support.

I used to get back pain constantly because I sat ten to twelve hours a day typing on a laptop. But with this little contraption I do not have back pain anymore and I can feel how my muscle is building.

As usual, I get all my toys at Amazon, so if you are interested, here's the link to that laptop stand:


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