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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

What are the best natural weight loss supplements?

In my book, these would be the ones that
  • promote weight loss
  • do not have damaging side effects
  • make dieting easy
  • do not require memberships and other high pressure tactics
  • are natural, that is not synthetic, and are derived from plants
After some research I have came up with a few candidates that fit that profile. I was looking at effectiveness, the number of case studies, price, and ingredients.

The first one on the list is hoodia, or the more scientific name, hoodia gordonii, which is a cactus that grows in South Africa. San Bushmen of the Kalahari desert used this plant in lieu of food when they had to take long trips from one village to another, as the story goes, for thousands of years. They did not have public transportation, so each trip to their relatives in another village took weeks on foot. They could not carry a lot of food and water with them, so they took this cactus that suppressed appetite for days on end. They possibly did lose a lot of weight on these trips, although, I imagine, that was not their objective.

So, in the past years hoodia surfaced as a miracle diet pill. Modern science tries to explain everything, so the researches came up with a theory that the reason hoodia works as an appetite suppressant, is that it tricks the brain into believing that it has enough blood sugar. As such, even though hoodia is effective in suppressing appetite and even thirst, you are advised of the possible side effects, particularly of low levels of blood sugar. It is always prudent to consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

So with that, why would an appetite suppressant work as a weight loss agent? We should recall the old and tried formula, calories in - calories burned = weight loss (or gain if not enough of calories are burned). So, if you suppress the appetite, you eat less, but burn your usual amount of calories (from fat), therefore losing weight.

Granted, we cannot have a raw hoodia cactus delivered to our door, so we have to get a supplement in a capsule. Here's where it gets tricky. There are a lot of hoodia supplements on the market. But very few are effective, at least as reported by real life users of this supplement. The Super Hoodia Time Release supplements seems to be the most highly rated because
  • it does produce results
  • takes the edge off hunger and ends cravings
  • does not containe caffeine, so it does not give you jitters
  • reasonably priced compared to other products
  • works for people in dieting plateau
You still have to be mindful of what you eat; in other words you cannot eat all you can eat donuts and then take hoodia. Just be reasonable and watch your hunger. Don't mistake real hunger for boredom or mindless eating.
Read customer reviews on hoodia

Friday, August 3, 2012

7 Baby Steps to a lean body. Claim yours here.

This plan is designed to help you to revamp your old eating habits by gradually introducing new, healthier ones, so that you ease into a weight-burning life style.

Crash diets and diets in general are difficult for most people to follow because they demand significant changes in your lifestyle. Many people fail at dieting because the diets are too strict, or too clashing with the regular routines. By introducing gradual changes you are more likely to stick with the changes and make your weight loss a continuing success.

Here’s how to use this guide: Read this document and pick one tip that seems easy enough for you to follow. Stick with the tip for the whole week. The next week continue following this tip, but pick another one from the list and add to your new routine. Continue adding these new routines each week, and by the end of the seventh week you will have a new lifestyle and a new body to show for it. Even after the first week, if you follow the advice diligently, you will have a slimmer waist and a lower number on your scale.
Here’s a sample plan how to follow this guide. Again, you can create your own based on the difficulty of the following suggestions as they appear to you.
  • Week one: Tip 1: Switch the lunchbox and lose three pounds
  • Week two: Continue Tip 1, but add Tip 6: Cheat your sit
  • Week three: Continue Tip 1 and Tip 6, but add Tip 5: Add fiber for filler and cleaner
Continue adding a new tip every week until you follow all tips on this document. If you slip, pick up where you lost it and rebuild your seven week routine.

And here’s the 7 Baby Steps to a new you:

1. Switch the lunchbox and lose three pounds

This step will involve replacing the lunches you normally get (if you eat out most of the time or get snacks off the vending machine) with the healthier and leaner options. This step is rated “Easy”. Get a whole lot of vegetables, such as celery, carrots, cucumbers, green peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, and broccoli to last you a whole week. Also get five green apples and five grapefruits. While there, get some 50 calorie rice cakes, Greek yogurt, plain yogurt, and balsamic vinegar. Get a package of half-gallon Tupperware and a tote that allows carrying two of these half-gallon containers.

At home make a huge salad that would last you five days. Use all the vegetables, cut and dice and mix them and fill five half-gallon containers. Do not put dressing in yet. You would put dressing into a salad container when you are ready to go to work. Just do that one container at a time, in the morning, when you are ready to leave the house.

Cut apples and grapefruits in bite sizes, add chopped celery and diced carrots. Fill each of the remaining five containers with these fruits to about two-thirds of the container, sprinkle some salt, and fill with water. Water is needed to prevent oxidation.

So, every morning, your lunch bag would have a half-gallon container of the salad, another half-gallon container of fruit, and either one rice cake or one 6oz yogurt package. The sheer amount of food would be enough to keep you full all day, but from the calorie perspective this will only be about 400 calories total, for the whole day. You can also add two hard boiled eggs or a fist-size serving of chicken breast or fish to your salad.

Compare this with the usual take-out lunch that you were getting – you would be saving at a bare minimum of 1,000 calories per each lunch, which would amount to one pound lost every two days.

2. Bubble out empty calories

If you are a soda drinker, a regular kind or artificially sweetened one, take notice: sugar of any kind, even the one that has zero calories but tastes sweet, raises your insulin response which in turn locks in the fat. If you eat or drink anything sweet tasting you will have a heck of a time trying to lose weight. It is time to phase out sugar out of your diet completely. But let’s start with the baby steps. First step would be to get rid of soda, especially coke.

Remember the urban legend that a piece of beef completely dissolves in a glass of soda? Or another one – how to remove oil stains from the driveway: pour coke on the stain? Does not that make you feel gross, even though these are supposedly fabricated stories? In any event, every can of soda contains about 150 calories, but the 0 calorie ones are just as bad. The body still thinks it is getting sugar, and is not burning fat deposits for energy. Once we get rid of sugar in our diet, the body has to turn to that nice fat around your belly or thighs to use in its furnace.

Bubbling out technique will take four weeks until you completely replace soda with water.

First week, just continue getting your regular container of soda, from the vending machine or from a fountain, but before you drink it, pour one quarter of a container out and replace with water. Then continue drinking that diluted soda as you would normally do. You would hardly notice that the soda is diluted, but you would be well on your way to getting rid of soda affliction.

Second week, pour half of the container out, and replace that with water. It might be a bit wasteful to throw away a product that you paid for, but your body will thank you for that. This is not the situation to be money-conscious. By that time you would be quite satisfied with the diluted taste because you already drank diluted soda the week before.

As you may have guessed, the third week you would pour three-quarters of the soda out and replacing it with water.

And the fourth week you would be drinking pure water and no soda, diet or straight. Congratulations! Your empty calories are now gone and your body is burning the fat for energy.

3. Cheat your belly out of dinner.

Those of us who have families know that it is very hard to be on a diet while the kids want their spaghetti-Os and the husband wants his steak and potatoes. No worries! You can still cook a regular dinner for the family and not shred rabbit food for yourself feeling deprived. But while you are cooking dinner, or before you have dinner, if you take out, do this dirty little trick. Take one green apple, like Granny Smith, and three stalks of celery, and blend them on “Puree” in your blender. Also take two tablespoons of flax seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder. Mix all that together in a tall 32 ounce glass or two 16 ounce glasses with water and ice. Sip that smoothie while you are cooking dinner.

Make sure you drink the whole 32 ounces of that concoction before dinner. It is virtually guaranteed that if you do that each day before dinner you will either a) not eat dinner at all because you would be too full, or b) eat very little at dinner, and certainly not overeat. Again, as with all the Baby Steps in this guide, you are to follow this procedure for a whole week, with no skipping or cheating, to get used to it, and then make it your lifestyle change item.

4. 22 hour fast will get you thin fast.

You should not make this step the first one on your plan, or at least incorporate the step number 3 prior to this one. The reason is simple, if you don’t have the new habits in place, and you fast all day, but then come home and pig out, the whole point is lost. So, it is best if this step comes last in your plan. The reasons for fasting are many: you let the body rest and not spend energy on digesting food (it takes a lot of energy to digest food!), but unfortunately not enough in calorie expenditure to lose any significant weight. Fasting helps your body to get rid of toxins and to repair environmental damage. Fasting cleanses the colon and helps to get rid of old “rusty” deposits. Finally, fasting sets your body into the feast-famine mode where it learns to burn calories even when the food intake is reduced.

So, how do you start on the 22 hour fast? It is actually pretty easy. Pick one day a week when you know you will be very busy. For most people this day is Monday, where they come back to the office and are faced with a load of work, customer calls, orders, reports and the like. But it can be any day of the week, in fact it does not even has to be the same day. But make sure that you do it once per week every week from now on. Eat your normal dinner the night before, but the next morning do not eat absolutely any solid food, including fruit or vegetable juices.

Drink only coffee (black, no milk or sugar) and water all day. Let’s say your dinner was at 8PM last night, so the next eating time the following day will be 2 hours before your last night’s dinner; in this example 6PM the following day. You will do the smoothie from step 3, and if you are still hungry, eat dinner at your normal dinner time. Fasting is done not so much to lose weight, although you probably would, but to cleanse the body and to give the body much needed rest from constantly processing the food and getting rid of food toxins.

5. Add fiber for filler and cleaner.

If you take the time to read the ingredients on the most popular diet pills, except the ones that use phentermine or caffeine, then you would find that the most common ingredient in these pills is fiber. Yes, simple fiber, but diet pills contain lots of fiber for a good reason. Fiber is filling, so you are not ravishing while trying to reduce amount of food you are eating, and also fiber helps elimination and getting rid of old food deposits in your intestines, thus reducing the amount of calories absorbed from food. But instead of spending an enormous amount of money on fiber diet pills, get yours at a fraction of a price, and in a healthier version too.

Get yourself some whole flaxseed and some whole chia seeds. Grind two tablespoons of each in a coffee grinder and mix with 16 ounce of water. Let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then drink, or fill a thermos to take with you. A 16 ounce of this mixture would give you enough of fiber for a day to kill the cravings when they arise, and to cleanse the colon for better digestion. Make sure to drink at least three 16 ounce glasses of water after you drink this fiber mix. You can have two of these mixes per day with no ill effects. Doing so will keep you full at the cost of probably 100 calories. Many people find this fiber drink a good substitute for a breakfast or a snack.

6. Cheat your sit.

Let’s face it – we sit too much. We sit in the car, we sit at breakfast, we sit at lunch, we sit at dinner, sit watching TV, sit surfing the Internet… It seems like we sit all the time, and possibly we do. Aside from sitting being such as sedentary activity that barely burns any calories, sitting is bad for you in many other ways: sitting is damaging to your circulation, sitting is bad for your digestion, and sitting is even bad for your heart.

Yes, at work you might be required to sit in your chair, but there are times where you don’t have to be in your chair, but you still sit, out of habit. So, this baby step is to replace sitting (when you are not required to) with pacing. Notice, pacing, not standing. Why? Standing in one spot is almost as bad as sitting. Mainly, it is bad for the circulation, back pressure, and vein pressure in your legs. But pacing is awesome. Pacing gets you moving, it gets your heart pumping, your circulation invigorated, and your fat burning.

Examples? Let’s say you always sit when you eat your lunch. Now, starting this week, you are to eat your lunch while you mincing on your feet. That’s right. You are not just standing; you are to simply shift your weight from one foot to another, maybe getting on your toes, lifting legs off the floor, and other silly exercises. The point is to stand instead of sitting, but not to stand still. When you are watching your favorite TV show, get up and shuffle. It might look annoying to your family members, but your body will be happy. Or get on a treadmill while watching TV. In fact, enlist your family to encourage you. If you ask for help you would be surprised how much of it you will receive. It might even feel too much at a certain point. Most importantly, don’t be shy about this new habit. People around you do not care if you are shuffling instead of sitting, and if you give them an opportunity to encourage you they gladly will, or even join you in this new and fun venture.

7. Get buff tips from a farmer girl.

A farmer girl is as buff as she can be. But she picks up 50-pound bags of chicken feed, she carries 5-gallon buckets of milk, she shovels cubic yards of dirt. She has no flab. A city girl, on the other hand, has flab even when she loses weight. Why? A city girl does not lift anything heavier than a glass of water.

Lifting weights is very beneficial for your body. But the lifting has to be done properly. Picking up a heavy object from the ground using your back is a recipe for disaster. What you have to do instead is to lift the objects that are heavy enough to cause strain on your muscles, but light enough that you can lift them above your head. An example would be an old-fashioned telephone book, or a gallon of water, or even a hamper full of dirty clothes. We deal with such objects every day, but we do not use them properly to build muscle. So, for this week you are to identify heavy objects in your immediate life, and to start lifting them above your head several pushes at a time. Example, take a gallon of water and lift it slowly above your head three times. Switch hands and repeat.

You can use your own body’s weight to lift too. When you are standing, lift your leg at a 30 degree angle and hold for as long as you can. Most people can hold the leg in suspension for about five seconds. Switch the legs. Every day try to increase the hold time by at least one second. Another example: when you are getting ready to get into the shower, get on the floor and do one push-up. Next day do two, the following day three, and so forth. Yet another example: right after you get home from work and are changing your clothes, do one sit up. The next day do two, etc. etc. You got the point. Find an easy weight lifting exercise, start slowly, and then build that routine into your life.


At the end of seven weeks you would have a new lifestyle of healthy low calorie eating and a reasonable exercise. You might slip and drop the ball. No worries, every one of us done that. Just pick up where you slipped and keep going. Feel free to modify the baby steps identified here to fit your lifestyle and preferences. What counts most is that you stick to the new routines and reward yourself for the progress. Get that skinny dress, get a new haircut, or send your new slim picture to your friends back home. Come back to this web site and post your success story! We would love to hear from you! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Does Standing Burn More Calories Than Sitting

In case you wondered, does standing burn more calories than sitting, the answer is yes!

The rate that we burn calories depends on our weight and muscle composition, so usually males who have more muscle than females, burn more calories doing the same activity. But, as an average, a woman of 180 pounds will burn 86 calories sitting, but 97 calories standing per hour. So, just by standing up and doing your 8-hour work day activities you will burn extra 88 calories, and taking an average 22-work day per month, you will burn almost 2000 extra calories, or almost a pound of weight just by standing up. And if you do your work standing for a year, you will lose almost twelve pounds of weight.

Everyone knows a person who is a pacer and a fidgeter. And we know that these people are usually skinny. Not surprisingly! Every little bit counts when it comes to weight loss and maintenance.

Naturally, you would not just stand in place if you do your work standing. You would want to enhance the fat burning process and improve circulation by doing these easy tricks:

  • Stand on one leg while keeping the other leg bent and suspended in space, then change legs
  • Stand on your toes; lift your body up and down by standing up on your toes
  • Shuffle in place as if you are dancing
  • Do squats or half-squats
Many activities that we usually do sitting can be done by standing. If you open your mail or pay your bills at the dining table, do that at the kitchen counter. Because kitchen counter is taller than the table you would have to stand. Plus, all the extra movements of your hands, reaching for the items, turning, and walking, all add up to calorie burn.

We do sit too much. We sit in the cars, we sit at work all day, we sit on the couch watching TV, we sit by the computer reading emails. If you try to be creative and do these activities standing, you would not only lose some good pounds, but also build muscle, improve your circulation, and sneak in exercise into your busy day.

I use a stand-up desk for my laptop (this is where this article was written)

 This workstation is very comfortable. It has wheels, so I can roll it around, and the height of the base is adjustable. I found it to be comfortable when the laptop is about at where my belly is, so that my arms do not get tired with no support.

I used to get back pain constantly because I sat ten to twelve hours a day typing on a laptop. But with this little contraption I do not have back pain anymore and I can feel how my muscle is building.

As usual, I get all my toys at Amazon, so if you are interested, here's the link to that laptop stand:

Monday, July 23, 2012

Easy Diet Plans

Aside from a cabbage diet when you need to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, easy diet plans need to be simple and somewhat enjoyable to be sustainable. If a diet is too restrictive or if you feel hungry all the time, or you need to count calories at every meal, the diet will most likely fail.

Lately, in light of recent research, a few common trends emerged in a world of easy diet plans. Mostly these plans involve elimination or at least a drastic reduction in simple carbs, sugar, and chemical additives. The reasons for taking these foods out of your diet is that carbs and sugar raise your blood sugar too fast and keep it high, so that fat burn is made practically impossible since the body has an easy access to cheap fuel found in simple carbs and sugar.

Many people are surprised when they learn just how much sugar there is in our day-to-day foods. Much sugar is found in most unsuspecting places, like mustard, rotisserie chicken from the deli, or even pickles.

To lose weight we need to burn fat. Sounds simple enough, but not that simple in reality. To make our body burn fat we need to eliminate cheap sources of fuel, like simple carbs and sugar, so that the body will have no other choice but to work on breaking fat into fuel. Most successful easy diet plans include easily accessible "healthy" low calorie foods the staple of the diet.

Not all of us have a luxury of having the whole fridge to ourselves, after all many of us have kids or loved ones who do not want to be on a "diet", oh, what a curse word. An easy way to overcome that hurdle, really, is to rearrange the fridge. Put the offenders, like chicken nuggets, steaks, those leftover blt sandwiches, and fatty condiments on the bottom of the fridge, preferably, wrapped into multiple layers of sarong wrap or aluminum foil, stick them into the zip lock bags, do whatever you have to do, but make it an effort to reach for that piece of "cheap fuel". But pre-cut cucumbers, celery, carrots, lettuce, mushrooms, and green apples, and put them into containers, covered with salty water.

So, whenever you have a snack attack, you will find low calorie food within your immediate reach, and "bad" food farther on the effort lane. Easy diet plans include not only the choice of foods, but mental , and most importantly, habitual steps. What good is it to have a perfect diet if you cannot follow it! Trick your mind and your hands into grabbing what's easily accessible, and most likely you will have more success with these easy diet plans.

Now, to the fat-burning food list: eliminate all processed food (anything that comes in a box, jar, can, or package). Load up on foods that are as close to natural state as possible - whole vegetables and fruit, meat cooked in its own juices, nuts, seeds, and spices. Do not eat any pasta, white rice, or bread. Limit even olive oil - maybe use one or at the most two tablespoons per day. Have a couple of hard boiled eggs instead of other animal proteins. Try to eat mostly raw vegetables as opposed to cooked to increase the amount of digestive enzymes. But, whatever you do, make it easy on yourself to change your eating habits to succeed with the easy diet plans. Step by step, replace processed high calorie foods with raw vegetables, if even for one week, and you should see significant improvement in your weight, jeans size, and your well being.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lose Weight in a Week

Here's the best way to

lose weight in a week:

To lose a lot of weight in a week, as people report, five, seven, even ten pounds in one week, the best way (and most tolerable way) is to go on a cabbage soup diet. This diet is not healthy long term (check with your doctor!), it is boring, and it is not sustainable for longer than a week, but it gets results.

Get a lot of cabbage, carrots, celery, and onions at your grocery store. Come home and get out that large pot (I use a three-gallon pot). Fill it half way to two-thirds with water, bring to a boil. Chop all the vegetables, in a proportion like this:

One head of cabbage
One pound of carrots
Two onions
One bunch of celery

Add salt and black pepper to the boiling water, to taste. Throw in the vegetables. Bring soup to a boil, and let simmer for about ten minutes. Shut off the burner. There you have it, here's your cabbage soup that helps you to lose weight in a week. You eat that soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The good thing about this soup is that you can eat it cold and warm, depending on your mood. It is satisfying, so you are not hungry, but it is very hydrating and low in sodium, so you don't retain water. It also is rich in minerals and some remaining vitamins from the vegetables. But, most importantly, no matter how much of that soup you eat, it contains very few calories, so it keeps you not hungry, so you could finally lose weight in a week, and quite a bit of it.

Another good thing about this soup is that you can spice it up with fresh garlic, ginger, or fresh herbs to taste. Certain things you cannot add to this soup if you want to lose weight in a week: no chicken, fish, or other meats can be added to the soup, as well as no potatoes, corn, or other starchy vegetables.

If you want to lose weight in a week, keep the recipe as close to basic as you can, while adding no-calorie spices and non-starchy vegetables for variety.

Can you keep the cabbage diet for longer than one week if you have a lot of weight to lose? You possibly can, but it will not be healthy, again, because this soup is seriously lacking fats, proteins, and carbohydrates - all necessary for our health. Granted, it is probably healthier than a diet of cheeseburgers, french fires, Doritos, and diet coke. But it is as good as it gets for a crash diet, that is if you want to lose a lot of weight in a week.

From my personal experience, it does work, and it works like a charm. Here's how I used it: I would have a large bowl of hot soup for breakfast, then pack two quart containers to take with me to work, so that I could take some bites of it throughout the day, in addition to having one heated container for lunch, and then a bowl or two of that soup for dinner.

You will be hungry for the first day or two, after all, there is very few calories in that soup. In fact, in a whole three gallon stewing pot of that soup there is probably only 500 calories total. You will have to make that soup three or four times per this week when you want to lose weight in a week. So, thinking about that, it will only amount to about 2,500 calories during the whole week. No wonder this diet works, but like I said, it is a crash diet, and should not be followed for longer than a week at a time.

Do add fresh chopped herbs, like cilantro or parsley, to your bowl of soup. At least you will get some minerals and vitamins at no added calorie load. So, if you need to lose weight in a week for that special occasion, or to jump start your diet, go for the cabbage soup. Just keep in mind, if you start your normal eating habits after that week, the weight will pack back on. So, be mindful of what you eat after the week of cabbage soup.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

How Can I Lose Weight

How can I lose weight

people usually ask in two situations: first, when an important event is coming, like family reunion, wedding, or a date, and second, when they tried a lot of things, failed, and are desperate for help.

Seemingly easy, considering the basic formula: food in - calories out = weight loss, but not easily achievable in a regular life.

So, if you are asking how can I lose weight because I need to lose it within a week, consider crash diets. If you want to fit into these proverbial "skinny jeans" or into that slinky dress by next Saturday, you will have to go on a crash diet. Granted, crash diets are not healthy, and most likely you will gain all that weight back after you go back to your normal eating habits. So, there are two ways that I personally tried, and that were successful when I was wondering how can I lose weight by the next weekend.

First, cabbage soup diet. This is a very boring diet, but it gets results and it is not very difficult to follow for a week. Being responsible, I have to warn you to check with your doctor before you attempt any changes in your diet. But, here it is:

Go to the grocery store and load up on the following vegetables:


Get a large pot, fill it half way with water and throw all these vegetables (chopped) into that pot. Bring to boil and simmer for about ten minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. That's it. You eat that concoction breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and nothing else. Usually, people lose ten pounds in a week, sometimes even more than that. It depends on what kind of weight you are starting with.

You can also have unsweetened coffee with no milk added, tea, herbal tea, and water. But that's about it. Like I said, this is a very difficult way to lose weight, but if you are asking how can I lose weight by my cousin's wedding, here it is.

A second way that I tried and that worked for me is to go on a juice diet. I certainly do not recommend buying so called juices at your grocery store as these are loaded with sugar, even V8. You will have to juice your own, if you have a juicer. If you don't and don't want to invest into one, then go back to option one. To juice, you will have to buy a lot of vegetables - carrots, cabbage, beets, celery, and green apples mostly, and juice them. Of course, this diet will not have a lot of fiber, but it will have more vitamins than the cabbage soup diet, and it works faster. You can lose ten pounds in three days easily, as opposed to ten pounds per week on a cabbage diet. Again, either diet is not healthy at all, and is not sustainable over the long run. So, how can I lose weight fast, that's how. But don't count on that weight staying off, unless you take these steps:

If you want to lose weight and keep it off you need to make changes to your lifestyle, mainly: get rid of simple carbs and sugar in your diet. This is not really a diet, per se, but a change in a lifestyle. You will have to come to an understanding, that if you're asking how can I lose weight long term, you will have to make long term commitments. Did I say it was easy? No. in fact, it can be done gradually, let's say, you eliminate obvious sweets, like cookies and donuts. You will have to replace them with something. Find an easy substitution that is still enjoyable to you, for example, fresh blueberries. These might appear expensive, but if you add up what you pay for the cookies, blueberries might be just about the same price, if you consider that you cannot eat that many of them (because they are tart). This is just a general idea. But, how can I lose weight long term - works out to the long term solutions. Most importantly, like I said, work on eliminating simple carbs and sweets, this move alone will work wonders, as you will notice.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

Here's an interesting fact: your body burns ten calories per day (24 hours) per pound of weight. So, if you weight 180 pounds, you can eat 1,800 calories worth of food while laying on the couch all day, and you would not gain any weight, and you would not lose any weight. Sound good, right? Lay down all day and not gain any weight. However, it is not that simple.

First of all, 1,800 calories, in terms of normal human food, is not that much food by volume or satisfaction.  Think about it, if you are running around, trying to accomplish all you have to do during your busy day, and you grab a cheeseburger with medium fries, guess what, that's 1,200 calories easy! That's a bummer. So, if we want to lose weight we need to find some foods that would make us happy all the while not being high in calories, in other words

we need to find healthy foods to lose weight

Here's where it gets interesting. To lose just one stinky pound per week we need to short charge our body out of 3,500 calories, or 500 calories per day. This can be accomplished either by eating 500 calories less or by burning these calories through exercise. For the purpose of this post let's concentrate on substituting higher calorie foods with the lower calorie ones, all the while trying to enjoy our lives and not puking on the same carrot and celery sticks that are universally considered to be healthy foods that help us lose weight..

Healthy Food to lose weight

Well, in fact, it does not have to be overly boring all the time. What we need to do is to learn two rules: the rule of Substitution and the rule of Avoidance in order to lose weight.

The rule of Substitution tells us to eat some foods instead of the others. Here's a good rule of thumb: get yourself a large container, like Tupperware, and don't be shy, a half gallon container is just about right. Fill half of it with water, sprinkle some salt into the water, and cut bite size pieces of green apple, carrots, celery, cucumbers, and green peppers to make it full. That's your lunch. Here's the deal: we like packets of potato chips because they are salty, crunchy, and are cut in bite size. Substitute! Eat these healthy foods to lose weight, and you will! You just need to be prepared, so that vending machine does not catch you by surprise.

The second rule to lose weight is to avoid the temptations, hence the rule of Avoidance. You know that some people in the office are just set out to fill others with donuts. These people would bring donuts, a huge box at that, to work every other day, and just set it in the lunch room to torture us, dieters. When you are hungry or stressed, a donut seems like a perfect solution to our troubles. Here's what you have to do if you want to lose weight: delay. When the donuts are calling, don't jump and run to the lunch room, instead, grab a handful of healthy foods from your container and eat. Say to yourself, I will go and have a donut, but not right now. Work, answer emails, make that phone call, whatever, but keep eating your apples and carrots and try to delay the donut craze for another minute, or two, or ten. You will notice that after a while you would pass the urge and will stay strong to your commitment to lose weight.

So, to summarize, healthy foods to lose weight are just that, foods. What is most important is you - how you plan your meals and how you keep your motivation. With some tricks and mental games you can outsmart your cravings and situational traps, like donut attacks. Just load up on healthy foods, veggies and low sugar fruit, prepare for the next day so you don't have to grab that cheeseburger, and delay, not deny, yourself of that donut. With time it gets easier, and once you start losing weight, you will be more motivated to stay on track.